5 Top Tips For Cutting Down On Fuel Costs

Running a car can be an expensive venture for any household, but a lot of the time we may find ourselves unnecessarily using more fuel than we need to and soon enough we could find the costs spiralling out of control. However, there are a number of ways you could save massively on your fuel costs, the simplest of which involves simply changing the way you drive. Here are our top pointers for cutting down on your fuel costs.

Cutting Fuel cost

Choose the right car for you

You may really want to get the sports car of your dreams or the luxury 4×4 to cruise around in, but if you’re going to be doing a lot of inner city driving for your work you’re unlikely to be getting the best bang for your buck when it comes to fuel consumption. A general rule of thumb would be to avoid gas guzzlers and you’ll be on the right track already.

If you go one step further, however, and take note of where you’ll be most using your car, you can search for the most economical car for your requirements online. Your local car supermarket or dealership will have a catalogue of every car’s economy online, allowing you to make the most educated choice before buying.

Drive economically

Changing your driving habits could save you hundreds of pounds a year when it comes to visiting the pumps, with frugal driving habits proven to increase the mileage drivers get from their tanks. Such habits include:

  • Anticipating your stops and starts and accordingly accelerating and decelerating smoothly.
  • Keeping the car rolling instead of coming to a complete stop.
  • Sticking to the speed limits: the faster you go the more fuel is required.
  • Turning off the air-con and other electrical components in your car when unnecessary.

Be sure to improve your economic driving habits even further by researching more ways to increase your mileage.

Plan your journey

Looking up the best route for you to take to your destination before departing is another great way to save on fuel. If you know where you’re going beforehand, you don’t have to waste time and fuel finding your way back should you get lost. Moreover, it’s a wise move to check the traffic news so you can re-route if traffic jams are clogging the roads.

Pre-departure checks

Maintaining your car in peak condition is essential when trying to save on fuel costs. Look after your car and it’ll help look after your wallet. Check the engine oil, coolant, and tyre pressure regularly (and always before long journeys) to ensure your car is up to scratch. If any of these are low then you could run into trouble on the road, with under-inflated tyres, for instance, generating more rolling resistance that burns more fuel.

Also, if you’re bandying around a lot of extra weight in your car, be sure to ditch it at home before setting off. The heavier your car becomes the more fuel will be needed to get you where you’re going, so leave the excess in the garage until it’s needed.

A regular servicing

Ensuring that your car is regularly serviced in accordance with the manufacturer’s schedule is the best way to keep your engine in full and prime working condition, thereby saving you money on your fuel costs. Maintaining your engine’s efficiency is of the utmost importance, and your wallet will definitely thank you in the long run.

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