A Guide to Eco-Friendly Cars in 2019

A Guide to Eco-Friendly Cars in 2019

Swapping out your petrol-fuelled car for an electric or hybrid vehicle would greatly reduce your carbon footprint. But often, it can be quite an overwhelming transition, so to help you ease into the world of electric/hybrid cars, we have devised a guide to help you choose. Protect the environment today and switch out your petrol-powered car for a modern electric alternative. 

Is it Time to Purchase an Electric Car?

Why are electric cars better than petrol-powered cars?

There are several reasons why electric cars are better than petrol or diesel powered cars, and here are just a few:

  • They generally cost less than petrol-powered cars.
  • Electric cars are much better for the air we breathe.
  • You can charge your car at home, so no more queueing up at the petrol station.
  • Electric cars must pass the same safety tests as petrol powered cars.
  • Electric cars are very low maintenance in comparison to others.
  • Electric cars are quiet, both inside and outside of the vehicle.
  • The government will give you money to drive one, putting money towards your electricity bill.  


Electric vs plug-in hybrid: what’s the difference?

Often, people can struggle to understand the difference between electric and plug-in hybrid cars. However, for those who are making a conscious effort to significantly reduce their carbon footprint by switching to an electric or hybrid model, then understanding the differences between the two is paramount.

Electric: pros and cons


  • Benefit the environment more than hybrid cars.
  • Services normally associated with petrol-powered cars won’t need to be performed, thus saving you money.
  • Drivers can save more money than if they had a hybrid car.


  • Finding a charging station while on long journeys could prove to be problematic, especially when driving on predominantly A roads.
  • Battery life on an electric car is roughly a decade, and replacing them could prove to be expensive, going into thousands of pounds in some cases.
  • It can add to your electricity bill, although the government can put money towards the cost.

Plug-in hybrids: pros and cons


  • They still have a petrol engine, which is highly beneficial to those who want to reduce their carbon footprint, but regularly go on long journeys.
  • You get the best of both worlds with a hybrid car:
  • Electric for town/city driving
  • Petrol for long-distance driving


  • There aren’t many hybrid models to choose from, drivers interested in electric cars would prefer to have the full electric experience.
  • Plug-in hybrid car batteries are more costly than regular hybrid batteries.
  • There are some safety concerns surrounding a plug-in hybrid. Petrol is flammable and plug-in hybrids contain charged batteries. Therefore, if a collision occurs, the consequences could prove to be extremely dangerous.
  • Plug-in hybrids still use petrol and will still need filling up with fuel.
  • You will need to service it like you would a petrol fuelled car, which can prove to be expensive.


Choosing the right car for you

Buying a new car is a very exciting, but hugely expensive purchase, therefore, it’s important that you’re buying a car which is right for you and your needs. Here are a few things to consider when buying a new car:

Budget: decide on a budget and stick to it. In order to come up with a realistic figure, do some research online and shop around.

Usage: think about what you’re going to use your car for. Are you planning on doing a series of long commutes or will it simply be used for city driving? Also think about weather conditions, especially if you live in a rural area.

Size: this comes back to what you’re planning on using the vehicle for. Are you planning on doing a school run every day, where the car will be full of children and bookbags? If so, you might want to consider a more spacious vehicle, with enough room for car or booster seats to be strapped safely in place.

Speed: a general rule is, the faster the car, the less efficient it is. If you want to spend less on servicing or keeping your car topped up with fuel or charged with electricity, then you may want to consider a slower, more fuel efficient car.

Fuel: which type of fuel is more appropriate for your needs? For city dwellers, consider a petrol car over a diesel one. However, if you’re planning on regular long distance driving, then diesel would be a better option. 


Eco-friendly vehicles on the market

There are many eco-friendly cars on the market for those who are looking to reduce their carbon footprint. From small runarounds to large family cars, everyone can take steps to help the environment. Here are just a few eco-friendly, hybrid cars that you can transition to when you’re ready to take the plunge:


Hyundai Ioniq


Price: £21,000+

Range: 180 km (110 miles)


An Ioniq is a very popular choice among motorists. It has a highly attractive cabin which is made with a considerable amount of earth-friendly materials. As well as this, it comes complete with impassive handling, making for a hugely enjoyable driving experience. If you’re looking for a car with a significant amount of space, then this could be the hybrid for you, with a generous 26.5 cubic feet of cargo space.


Toyota Prius


Price: £24,245+

Range: 50 km (25 miles)


This is a highly successful Toyota hybrid model with an exceptionally high fuel economy. The Prius produces less carbon with its variable transmission feature. It even sports a regenerative brake system, using braking energy in order to charge the battery.




Price: £34,445+

Range: 156 km (97 miles)


This car has received one of the best ratings among a vast collection of luxury plug-in hybrids. With sporty handling and strong acceleration, the BMWi3 has fast become a favourite among a number of hybrid enthusiasts. Not only that, but after 156 km, the petrol-powered engine kicks in, giving the driver a total range of just under 290 km.


Lexus NX


Price: £35,319+

Range: 27 km (17 miles)


The NX has one of the best in class fuel economies in the world of luxury hybrid SUVs. With reliable safety features, a comfortable cabin to enjoy and 31 MPG, it can save you around £500 a year, while also lessening your impact on the environment. This is the perfect size for family travel, allowing its spacious cabin to be taken complete advantage of.


Smart EQ FORTWO Pure Coupe


Price: £21,195+

Range: 93 km (58 miles)


Built by Mercedes Benz, this is one of the most eco-friendly cars out there. Although it’s only really small enough for two people at the very most, this practical runaround is perfect for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Although small, this car is considerably powerful, allowing you to zip here and there in no time. Despite its small seating capacity and limited cargo space, it’s incredibly comfortable, so you can thoroughly enjoy the driving experience.  


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