Car Failed MOT: Can You Still Drive?

If you rely on your car, be it for commuting or just for your social life, it’s important to make sure that it’s safe and legal to be driven on the roads. That usually means an annual MOT, but what if your car has failed its MOT, can you still drive? 

Well, the good news is, this month at Auto Exhausts & Tyres, we’re here to help answer this crucial question and give you further guidance on MOT retesting, appeals and where you can get your MOT test in Lincoln.

Mechanic making notes for MOT test

Can you drive with a failed MOT?

If your car has failed an MOT, it means there are things which need to be fixed and therefore you cannot drive. However, you will get ten days in which you can drive to have repairs done and get a retest to ensure your vehicle is safe. After those ten days are up, it becomes illegal to drive the vehicle.

Where your vehicle fails with ‘dangerous’ problems, you may not be allowed to drive away, as it could pose a major hazard on the roads.

How to get an MOT retest

The easiest way to get a retest after failing an MOT is to leave your car at the garage for repairs. This will mean a partial retest is all that’s needed if it can be done within ten working days of the original test. Alternatively, you can take the vehicle away for repairs as long as it has not failed in any major or dangerous way. However, you will still need a partial retest within ten days.

The cost of a retest varies, depending on whether you took your car away and brought it back again, but either way, you will probably need to factor in the cost of repairs and replacement parts in order for the vehicle to pass any retest.

MOT Appeals

Should your car fail an MOT, you can appeal the result if you feel that it is not correct. You must submit an appeal to the DVSA within 14 working days of the test, and you will then be contacted within 5 days to discuss the appeal. If the decision is taken to retest your vehicle, it will mean booking it in again and paying a full MOT fee again. While you are appealing and awaiting a new test date, you should not drive or have any work carried out on the car as this could impact the MOT.

MOTs in Lincoln

If you’re planning on having your MOT in Lincoln, then look no further than Auto Exhausts & Tyres. Our expert team will be happy to book an appointment to suit your schedule and will advise you on the next steps depending on the outcome of the test – but don’t worry, we can provide repairs and replacement parts to help you keep your vehicle safe and legal on the road. 

It’s always recommended that you book your MOT before the expiry date of your previous test – up to as much as a month in advance – to help give you time to make any repairs or changes that could be required following the test.

To book your MOT in Lincoln with our friendly, professional team, simply call us today and we’ll find a time that suits you best.