Common Tyre Problems

Problems with your tyres can be a serious safety issue and render your whole vehicle unfit for the roads. However, problems are relatively common, somewhat unsurprisingly, due to the fact tyres bear the weight of your vehicle and are the only part which come into contact with the road. Some issues are more frequent than others and these will be looked at in this article, along with what your response should be.

Why Tyre Pressure Matters

Tyre pressure issues

Maintaining the correct tyre pressure is an important aspect of keeping your vehicle in safe driving condition. Check your tyres regularly and always follow the recommended pressure in your car’s owner manual. Problems can occur if your tyres are over- or under-inflated. Over-inflated tyres increase your likelihood of a tyre blowout (sudden bursting) which would be very dangerous. They can also cause uneven tyre wear and reduced traction. To solve over-inflation, simply let out some air until they are at the recommended pressure level.

Under-inflated tyres are more susceptible to wear and tear and overheating as well as being a cause of increased fuel consumption. The solution to under-inflated tyres is to take them to a petrol station or garage and use the dedicated tyre pressure pump to boost the air levels.

Worn tyre tread

It is inevitable that your tyres will eventually wear out and it is important to notice when they are past acceptable levels. It is the tread on tyres which allows your car to grip the road surface – something which is key for maneuvering and braking. The legal lower limit of tread depth is 1.6mm so if your tread is under this, you need to get your tyres replaced immediately.

Unevenly worn tyres

Tyres don’t always wear out evenly across their surface; for example, tread can sometimes be worn down a lot on the outer side of the tyre but not on the inner side. If this is noticeable, it could be that there are issues with alignment, suspension or tyre inflation. It is best to take your car to a garage to determine what the underlying cause of this problem is.  

Cracks, punctures and bulges

Cracks and bulges can occur if your tyres sustain damage from impact, for example hitting a pothole or the curb or going over speed bumps too fast. If your tyres become cracked or get an impact bulge, you should take it to a garage for further advice and likely a tyre replacement.

Punctures are an annoying occurrence and can range in severity. If the puncture is small and in the centre of the tyre, this may be repairable at a garage or tyre specialist. However, larger punctures or ones on the outer edges of the tyre are more serious and you will likely have to get a tyre replacement.


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