Driving Habits That Slowly Destroy Your Car

Learning to drive, you’re taught the best practice and good habits, but once you’ve passed you might begin forming driving habits that are bad for your car. While much of this won’t be done on purpose, it’s just a more relaxed approach to driving which we can be guilty of falling into which causes the damage. 

It’s the little things you do, which might be second nature to you now, which can have the biggest impact when repeated over time. In this article, we’ll highlight some of the bad driving habits people develop which destroy different parts of your car – take a look below, are you guilty of some of these cardinal sins?

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Hand Resting on Gearstick

Keeping your hands at ‘two and ten’ on the steering wheel is not only safer for your driving, but it also keeps your hand off the gearstick. You might think resting it there isn’t that big a deal, but even a small amount of pressure can cause the fork of the gearstick to connect with the rotating collar and wear it unnecessarily. This could mean an expensive replacement to restore your car back to working order.

Why is it bad? Causes unnecessary wear

How can you rectify the habit? Keep your hands at ‘two and ten’


Accelerating Too Fast

When you’re in a high gear it’s easy to think that you should be getting more speed with your pedal to the floor, but switching to a high gear too early and stepping heavily on the accelerator too quickly can be bad for your engine. The change means your motor works harder and will be even more of a strain with a heavy load or when going uphill, all of which contributes to needing to visit a garage for repairs sooner than you’d like.

Why is it bad? Puts a strain on the engine and is inefficient

How can you rectify the habit? Raise your revs before changing gear too quickly

Ignoring Warning Lights

Ignoring Warning Lights

Warning lights on your dashboard should be a wake-up call that something needs rectifying with your car, but many people choose to ignore them. While it is possible the light has come on due to an electrical malfunction, it’s better to be safe than sorry – you don’t want to get caught out while out driving. Ignoring the dashboard light when it signals for attention could also mean you do more damage in the long run.

Why is it bad? You could break down while driving

How can you rectify the habit? Consult your car’s manual or visit a mechanic for advice


Revving A Cold Engine

A particularly bad thing for your car in winter – but generally not a good idea at any time of the year! – if you rev your engine when you first start your car you’re causing unnecessary wear on your engine. This is because you’re not giving your engine time to idle and circulate warmed up oil.

Why is it bad? Puts a strain on your engine before it’s warmed up

How can you rectify the habit? Hold off the accelerator when you start the car


Riding Your Clutch

One of the most common habits people have is riding the clutch. This is an extremely bad idea because of how dependent you are on the clutch and how easily it is worn. People who leave their foot on the clutch once they’ve changed gears are coasting and shortening the lifespan of their clutch far more rapidly than they need to.

Why is it bad? Wears the clutch plate

How can you rectify the habit? Take your foot off the clutch and rest it to the side


Driving Over Potholes Fast

The bane of every driver’s life, whether you’re out in the countryside or in the urban sprawl, potholes are damaging to your car if you go over them at speed. Not only does it upset the balance and tracking of your wheels, but it could also damage the underside of your car if the potholes are deep enough, meaning you could ruin your exhaust.

Why is it bad? Damages your wheels and the underside of the car

How can you rectify the habit? Be vigilant, avoid potholes and slow down where you can


From Drive to Reverse Gear

The automatic gearbox is one of the more expensive items to replace, so while it might seem easy and convenient to simply shift from drive into reverse gear, you should probably stop first. Wearing out the transmission band by shifting to reverse before coming to a stop could prove a pricey habit, whereas your brakes are easier and cheaper to replace.

Why is it bad? Wear and tear on your transmission band

How can you rectify the habit? Stop first, then shift gear


Letting Fuel Run Low

We’ve all been there, the warning light on your dashboard goes off but you’re already home and won’t need a lot of fuel in the coming days anyway. Letting your fuel run low might not seem like a big issue, but it actually causes damage to your fuel pump if the level is so low that it isn’t lubricated – it also means the dregs in your tank could be pumped into your engine causing more damage.

Why is it bad? Damages your fuel pump and engine

How can you rectify the habit? Stay topped up regularly

Whether you require repairs or replacement parts through bad driving habits, an accident or just general wear and tear, at Auto Exhausts & Tyres, we can help. Wherever you’re based in Lincolnshire, our dedicated team of engineers can tackle issues with exhausts, clutches, brakes and tyres, so get in touch today for more details or to book your car in.