Is it Time to Purchase an Electric Car?

Is it Time to Purchase an Electric Car?

With electric vehicles improving year on year, and with the arguments stacking up against regular vehicles, this question is becoming hard to avoid. On top of this, the government plans to ban new petrol and diesel vehicles in the UK from 2040, in accordance with its £3 billion Clean Air Strategy. With this in mind, perhaps it’s time to get better acquainted with these vehicles, and maybe even consider one for your next purchase.

The difference between electric and hybrid

Let’s cover the essential details first. An all-electric car, or fully electric vehicle, self-charges its own battery, and runs without the use of petrol or diesel fuel. Hybrid cars do have electric elements within their powertrains, but still retain their internal combustion engines, and will almost always charge their batteries with this engine. Both vehicles can be re-charged using your home electricity supply, or at service station charging points.

How do electric vehicles work?

Instead of a fuel tank, an electric vehicle has an on-board battery that gets charged through an electricity supply and then stores and uses that energy to power an electric motor and set the wheels in motion. It means the cars have no need for a clutch and gearbox or an exhaust pipe, making them much quieter and smoother to drive.

What are the benefits?

  • All-electric vehicles with a list price under £40,000 are exempt from road tax and the London congestion charge.
  • Hybrid vehicles are not eligible for any grants, but they are supported through lower road tax rates and local incentives like free parking or business schemes.
  • Running costs of an electric vehicle are 3-4 times cheaper on average when compared with an internal combustion engine. Using the UK’s most popular electric car as an example, charging your Nissan Leaf fully will cost you around £3.64 at home – and this should take you around 235 miles.
  • Electric vehicles are quieter than their internal combustion equivalents.
  • Perhaps most importantly, electric vehicles are a great way to make an impactful change on the chemicals we churn out into the atmosphere on a daily basis

A word on the future

It’s clear that we’re entering a new age of electric vehicles. The infrastructure to support them, the cost to build them and the speed to charge them all look set to improve dramatically in the next few years. Driving an electric car will become the norm for many in the coming years and governments and energy companies are setting big goals to help that happen.  

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