What To Consider When Shopping For New Car Tyres

For all vehicle owners, there will come a point where you need to replace your car’s tyres. The legal minimum tread depth your tyres can have is 1.6mm, but it is recommended that you consider replacing your tyres before this in order to ensure your car is safe to drive on the roads, with consistently good grip and control.

To help you when shopping for your new car tyres, we’ve listed a few top considerations in this article.

Continental Tyres


Whilst getting a good deal for your budget is important, remember that when buying tyres, it doesn’t always pay to go for the bargain deal. Investing in a high quality tyres will allow you to see huge benefits on the road, with increased control, grip and traction, as well as long lasting and more durable tyres.

Go to an accredited tyre dealership for some honest information on the best tyres to suit your budget.


Consider what type of driving you do, and whether you need your tyres to reflect this. For example, do you require specialist performance tyres to guarantee better handling of your vehicle, part worn tyres for a more budget friendly option, or would you rather invest in some winter tyres if you live in a particularly snowy area?

Current tyres

If you like how your car handles with your current tyres, simply replacing them with the exact same brand and make could be the best solution for you. Your tyres would have been chosen by the manufacturer in order to highlight your vehicle’s best driving assets, so choosing the same set of tyres guarantees good control and driving performance at the same level you are already used to.

Who fits the tyres

When having your tyres completely replaced, a professional tyre fitter is the best way to ensure your vehicle remains safe for use on the road. We professionally fit tyres ourselves here at Auto Exhaust & Tyres, guaranteeing that your quality tyres are secured correctly to your car.

Wear & tear

The number of hours per week you spend driving should affect your decision when shopping for new car tyres. Someone who travels considerable miles in their car everyday (i.e. a longer commute) should invest in a better quality tyre than someone who just uses their car for the occasional errand.

We pride ourselves on offering quality tyres and a professional tyre fitting service here at Auto Exhaust and Tyres, placing road safety as our priority in every job we do. We supply a huge range of tyres for vehicles of all makes and models, and guarantee a quick tyre change so you can get back on the road as soon as possible.

For more information on the services we offer, or for further advice on the best tyres for your requirements, feel free to contact the team here today. We’re always happy to provide any further assistance you may require.